Mortgage Products

Mortgage Products


Fixed Rate Mortgage – 10, 15, 20, or 30 year terms

A fixed rate mortgage from Hometown Bank can be set for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. A fixed rate home loan is a good choice if you want to lock in an interest rate, if you would prefer to have the payment be predictable for the length of the loan, and/or you are planning on staying in the home longer than a few years.

Conforming loans, with balances of $726,200.00 or less
Established guidelines for credit, income and down payment
Require between 5% and 20% down

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) – 1/1 or 5/1 terms

  • Interest rate that changes (up or down) based on the index
  • Payments may increase or decrease based on shifts in the index
  • Designed for short term goals
  • Exception based underwriting

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Construction Loan Program

  • Construction to permanent financing
  • Interest only payments during the construction period (up to 9 months)
  • Fixed or adjustable rate products available on term mortgage
  • One time closing

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Relief Refinance

  • Refinance loans only
  • Federal program designed to help homeowners who are owe more than their house is worth
  • Aims to provide homeowners with better loan terms, lower rate & payment
  • Must be current on mortgage payments

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Notice something different in your mortgage statement?

Starting January 1, 2021, the mortgage coupon books will no longer be used. Instead, you will be receiving monthly mortgage statements. These statements show you all the activity that has taken place on your account, as well as other information such as taxes, escrow, interest rate, interest paid to date and next payment due date.

Existing auto pay will continue as usual, and you don't need to do anything different. If you wish to pay your mortgage in person/by mail, simply enclose the detachable stub at the bottom of the statement with your payment.

If you do not wish to receive a paper statement, you can sign up for e-statements online. Just log into your Online Banking account, click the e-statements tab and follow the enrollment instructions.
Our new monthly Mortgage Statements put more information at your fingertips:

Complete monthly activity summary
Verify account status and balance
Pay online or set up auto pay
Existing auto pay will continue as usual
No more coupon books
Use detachable stub for in-person or mail payments
Another way we provide safe, sound and secure Hometown banking!


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